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How do I get in touch?
To find out more about our work, tell us what you are up to locally or to enquire about our training, facilitation or support, please use the contact buttons in our bios in the members area.


Who do I contact?
Think Together Sheffield is a partnership of independent organisations and individuals offering their services to clients in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. No one individual is in charge, so when you decide to work with us, you typically choose the offer that best suits your needs and get in touch with that provider directly.

What if I can't decide who to approach?
If you are unsure who to contact, don't worry. We each work together closely and whoever you approach first will help you find the right support, introducing you to the rest of the team and collaborating where needed.


What if I don't know what I need?

It's not a problem if you don't yet know what you need. We are used to helping clients develop their interest in philosophy into practical, affordable initiatives that make a real impact in their setting. Get in touch to talk things through.


How do I get updates from Think Together Sheffield? 
Our members post about our collective work via their respective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts using the hashtag  #ThinkTogetherSheffield  Details of our social handles can be found in our bios in the members area.

How do I join Think Together Sheffield?  
If you are doing philosophy with people in Sheffield, we want to hear about it. Contact one of our members and we discuss ways we might share your work, either by adding you to our map, featuring you on our blog or inviting you to join as a member.




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